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Environmental isotopes (and related tracers) have a wide variety of applications in hydrology, geology, and biology. Some isotopes can be used as tracers of water, nutrient, or solute sources. Others are studied to gain insight into natural processes taking place in various environmental settings. To increase the awareness of isotope applications among the hydrologists, geochemists, and biologists within the USGS, several sets of web pages have been assembled:

An image map periodic table has been created to help illustrate the uses of assorted isotopes in hydrology, geology, and biology. More thorough contributions are very welcome. NOTE: you must use a graphics-capable browser to view the image map; otherwise, you must use the alternative access page.

A publications page containing lists of isotope-related publications has also been assembled. These pages include a brief review of the fundamentals of isotope geochemistry, listings of important reference books and chapters, and excerpts from on-line isotope hydrology books.

A resources page has been compiled to provide additional materials, including listings of events, several sets of isotope-related references, a simple search engine for references, links to other isotope-related on-line resources, etc.



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