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Isotope Listing for Text-Only Browsers

Periodic Table of Selected Isotopes

A text-based periodic table has been created to help illustrate the uses of assorted isotopes in hydrology, geology, and biology.

Operation: Simply select the element you would like more information on. Available elements have been organized according to their relative positions on the Periodic Table.

H He
Li Be B C N O Ne
Na Mg Al Si S Cl Ar
K Ca Cr Mn Fe Ni Kr
Rb Sr Pd Ag I
Cs Os Pb Rn


Ce Nd
Pa U

About the Periodic Table...

This table (with information about the applications of selected isotopes) was put together by Carol Kendall, Eric Caldwell, and Daniel Snyder (U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA). The text was gleaned from various papers and reference texts available in the Isotope Tracers Project (WRD), and hence is often biased towards watershed-related research. Assistance in providing a more balanced treatment of the topics is very welcome. Corrections, suggestions for improvement, and additional text and references should be sent to

Other Periodic Tables Available On-Line

Los Alamos National Laboratory has assembled a nice list of periodic tables.

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