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Robin Bouse

Physical Scientist

B.S. Duke University
M.S. University of Rhode Island
Ph.D. University of Arizona

Research Interests
My research is focused on the sources, transport, and fate of metals in the environment. My interests range from how metals are concentrated into ore deposits in the earth’s crust, to their use and value in society, and particularly the fate and transport of metal contamination from mine tailings and ore refinement. As a student, I concentrated my studies in isotope geochemistry and ore deposits. My most resent research has applied the use of isotopic tracers to fingerprint the source of metal contamination in San Francisco Bay and in the Clark Fork River, MT. I work in conjunction with other members of the project whose research goals are to determine the bioavailability and trophic transfer of metals in aquatic food webs. Determining the sources of metal contamination is essential to understanding and managing the sediment and water quality in an aquatic environment.

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Robin Bouse
Robin Bouse

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