Episodic Master Recession techniques to evaluate hydrographs for aquifer recharge and streamflow


Using the EMR Program

The program requires three time series that are in the user's input file plus a forth that is calculated by the program:

The three time series to be supplied by the user are the same as those needed for MRCfit, so identical input files can be used for the two programs.

The user chooses the time units for use with T and the length units for use with R and P. The same chosen units are used throughout the calculations and output.

There are 4 necessary files: a start file, the main program file, the plotting program, and the input file containing columns of T, R, and P.

Start file: This file contains information that informs the main program such as the location of the main program file, the data file, and the adjustable parameter values. Below is a screen shot of an EMRstart code on the R Studio interface. Lines that require changes are listed below. The # symbol indicates a comment in the program

R Studio Interface

Main program file (EMR_main_v39.0 or later): this is the main code that takes the input data and determines periods of recharge based on parameters and tolerances set in the start file.

Step by Step Instructions



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