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John Nimmo

John R. Nimmo

John is a Physicist and Project Chief of the Unsaturated Flow Processes Project. He has been with the USGS since October 1981. John conducts and publishes research on unsaturated flow and contamination problems; leads the project; advises other scientists and policy leaders inside and outside the USGS; reviews papers, proposals, and research programs; teaches and creates instructional materials; contributes to leadership of the Unsaturated-Zone Interest Group; and serves on editorial boards and professional-society committees. He has expertise in soil and porous-media physics, unsaturated-zone hydrology,experimental and measurement techniques, conceptual and semi-empirical modeling of unsaturated hydraulic properties and flow, and hydrologic contamination issues and processes. John has a Ph.D. in Physics (6/83) and M.S. in Physics (l2/76) from the University of Wisconsin, and a B.S. in Physics and Math (6/75) from the University of Redlands, California. Visit his home page.

Kim Perkins

Kim S. Perkins

Kim has been a full-time Hydrologist on the Unsaturated Flow Processes Project since May 1997. Kim's current research includes aquifer recharge estimation and the effects of spatial variability of recharge in humid regions. Kim coordinates the project's research with USGS personnel in Idaho, New Jersey, Colorado and elsewhere, manages project administrative and budgetary functions, serves as the project webmaster, and publishes and presents scientific results. She has expertise in soil science, unsaturated-zone hydrology, and field and laboratory techniques for measuring hydraulic properties. Kim has a B.S. in Soil Science (12/96) from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.S. in hydrogeology from San Jose State University (8/05). Visit her home page.

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