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Historical Trends of Metals in the Sediments of San Francisco Bay, California:
Core data from San Pablo Bay, Grizzly Bay, Richardson Bay, and Central Bay
by Michelle I. Hornberger, Samuel N. Luoma, Alexander van Geen, Christopher Fuller, and Roberto Anima, USGS
based on article published in Marine Chemistry, 1999. V. 64, pp 39-55.

Table of Contents:

  • Sample Sites
  • Analysis
  • Core Dating
  • Core Data:
      by location:
  • Central Bay
  • Grizzly Bay
  • Richardson Bay
  • San Pablo Bay
  •   by contaminant:
  • Ag - silver
  • Al - aluminum
  • Cr - chromium
  • Cu - copper
  • Hg - mercury
  • Ni - nickel
  • Pb - lead
  • V - vanadium
  • Zn - zinc
  • download data
    Location Map Click to see data from Grizzly Bay Click to see data from Central Bay Click to see data from Richardson Bay Click to see data from San Pablo Bay

    Choose a link above, or click on an area of the map to bring up the core data for that location. For a larger version of the map click here (76 kb).

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