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Samuel N Luoma - pollutant fate - environmental science/policy

Robin Bouse - sources, transport, and fate of metals

Cynthia Brown - bioavailability and effects of trace metals

Daniel Cain - metal bioaccumulation and effects

Marie-Noële Croteau - metal bioaccumulation dynamics

Jessica Dyke - hydrology and metal bioaccumulation

Michelle Hornberger - bioavailability of metals to aquatic insects

Allison Lorenzi - phytoplankton production and metal bioaccumulation

Heather Peterson - estuarine benthic community dynamics

Robin Stewart - trophic transfer of contaminants


spacer image
Cindy collecting water from San Francisco Bay
Cindy collecting water from San Francisco Bay
Frances Parchaso collects benthic samples aboard the RV Polaris
Irene measures the size of clams prior to metal analysis
Dan collects aquatic insects in Montana

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