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Investigations of Sediment-water Interactions in Western U.S. Water Bodies
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San Francisco Bay, CA

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Picture of San Francisco Bay, CA

San Francisco Bay, California

San Francisco Bay is a large, highly-urbanized estuary. Our project has focused on the southern component, which is a mix of seawater, direct run-off, and significant input from municipal treatment plants. This complex combination of sources, as well as the history of extensive local mercury mining, presents a dynamic chemical composition of the estuarine water and the sediment below. Our work predominantly studies how the porewater within that sediment can act as a source (and also a sink) of contaminants and other solutes for the overlying water.

In 2008, a study was commissioned to investigate the consumption of oxygen by the sediments of former salt ponds near Alviso, California. Results of this study can be found here, or from the list below.

In addition, investigations into nutrient flux from the sediment in North San Francisco Bay (including Grizzly Bay and Honker Bay) were also undertaken in 2008. These results were published in late 2009.

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Dissolved Nickel and Benthic Flux in South San Francisco Bay: A Potential for Natural Sources to Dominate

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