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Resources on Isotopes

Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology


C. Kendall and J. J. McDonnell (Eds.), 1998.
Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam, 839 p.


List of chapter titles and authors


Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Small Catchment Hydrology
J.M. Buttle


Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Isotope Geochemistry
C. Kendall and E.A. Caldwell


Chapter 3: Isotopic Variations in Precipitation
N.L. Ingraham


Chapter 4: Isotopic Fractionation in Snow Cover
L.W. Cooper


Chapter 5: Isotopic Exchange in Soil Water
C.J. Barnes and J.V. Turner


Chapter 6: Plants, Isotopes and Water Use: a Catchment-Scale Perspective
T.E. Dawson and J.R. Ehleringer


Chapter 7: Isotopes in Groundwater Hydrology
R. Gonfiantini, K. Fröhlich, L. Araguas-Araguas and K. Rozanski


Chapter 8: Lithogenic and Cosmogenic Tracers in Catchment Hydrology
G.J. Nimz


Chapter 9: Dissolved Gases in Subsurface Hydrology
D.K. Solomon, P.G. Cook and W.E. Sanford


Chapter 10: Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Rainfall-Runoff Studies
D.P. Genereux and R.P. Hooper


Chapter 11: High Rainfall, Response-Dominated Catchments: A Comparative
Study of Experiments in Tropical Northeast Queensland with Temperate New Zealand
M. Bonell, C.J. Barnes, C.R. Grant, A. Howard and J. Burns


Chapter 12: Snowmelt-Dominated Systems
A. Rodhe


Chapter 13: Arid Catchments
N.L. Ingraham, E.A. Caldwell and B.Th. Verhagen


Chapter 14: Groundwater and Surface-Water Interactions in Riparian and
Lake-Dominated Systems
J.F. Walker and D.P. Krabbenhoft


Chapter 15: Use of Stable Isotopes in Evaluating Sulfur Biogeochemistry
of Forest Ecosystems
M.J. Mitchell, H.R. Krouse, B. Mayer, A.C. Stam and Y. Zhang


Chapter 16: Tracing Nitrogen Sources and Cycling in Catchments
C. Kendall


Chapter 17: Carbon Cycling in Terrestrial Environments
Y. Wang, T.G. Huntington, L.J. Osher, L.I. Wassenaar, S.E. Trumbore,
R.G. Amundson, J.W. Harden, D.M. McKnight, S.L. Schiff, G.R. Aiken,
W.B. Lyons, R.O. Aravena and J.S. Baron


Chapter 18: Tracing of Weathering Reactions and Water Flowpaths:
A Multi-isotope Approach
T.D. Bullen and C. Kendall


Chapter 19: Erosion, Weathering, and Sedimentation
P.R. Bierman, A. Albrecht, M.H. Bothner, E.T. Brown, T.D. Bullen,
L.B. Gray and L. Turpin


Chapter 20: Applications of Uranium- and Thorium-Series Radionuclides in
Catchment Hydrology Studies
T.F. Kraemer and D.P. Genereux


Chapter 21: Modeling of Isotopes and Hydrogeochemical Responses in
Catchment Hydrology
J.V. Turner and C.J. Barnes


Chapter 22: Isotopes as Indicators of Environmental Change
J.B. Shanley, E. Pendall, C. Kendall, L.R. Stevens, R.L. Michel,
P.J. Phillips, R.M. Forester, D.L. Naftz, B. Liu, L. Stern, B.B. Wolfe,
C.P. Chamberlain, S.W. Leavitt, T.H.E. Heaton, B. Mayer, L.D. Cecil,
W.B. Lyons, B.G. Katz, J.L. Betancourt, D.M. McKnight, J.D. Blum,
T.W.D. Edwards, H.R. House, E. Ito, R.O. Aravena and J.F. Whelan


Reviews of book


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